Anthony Duncan Architect

Anthony Duncan Architect Building

Dutchtown, St. Louis, MO

The name Dutchtown originates from the word ‘Deutsch’, the German word for German. The predominantly German immigrants who graded the streets, laid the brick and planted the trees built a neighborhood to serve for generations, if not for centuries. They invested beauty in their masonry structures with ornamental brickwork, terra cotta, and cast iron storefronts.

Our neighborhood evolved from before the Civil War, when residents built Victorian farmhouses, to the 1920’s, when developers constructed Arts and Crafts style bungalows and flats. Dutchtowns’ builders and residents did not use words like sustainability. They lived that word as they walked to the neighborhood stores and bicycled to the many neighborhood ‘pocket’ parks. They built the neighborhood so that it could always be sustainable.

As Dutchtown’s builders planned, the neighborhood today provides for a new generation of young professionals and immigrants from across the globe and businesses that serve these changing demographics.