10 New Year’s Resolutions for Dutchtown Residents – 2018 Edition

See ya 2017, Dutchtownies have too much to do in 2018 for you to hang around much longer!

2017, the year of “Wait…what?!?”.  It was a rollercoaster year filled with ups and downs, even in our own neighborhood.  One minute we were saying goodbye to our friends at Iron Barley, and the next we were catching almost a minute of totality during the solar eclipse in Marquette Park.  We were introduced to a new president, new mayor, and now a new police chief.  It seemed like a lot of change in 2017, but isn’t that the way it always is?

While we’ll never get all our neighbors to agree about the merits of every change, in Dutchtown we are going to keep embracing it.   While things are changing around us, Dutchtownies are out there making their own change — staying informed, involved, and welcoming 2018’s new neighbors and businesses.  Below is our annual “Dutchtownie Bucket List” to keep you in the know and ready to be a changemaker in 2018.  So no matter how you feel about 2017, know that Dutchtown wants to see you out and about in 2018!

1.  Drink More Tea, See More Art


Trying to recover from your vices in 2017?  Did you know Mick Jagger drinks tea daily?  Need we say more?  Bru Tea at 3320 Meramec can get you on the right tea habit in 2018.  Kathy and Tina can provide you with one of their customer favorite blends or hook you up with a custom blend for whatever your tea needs might be.

Once a month, you can also stop by on Saturday for A Night of Tea and Art, where the venue hosts all types of local creatives and the artists are […]

DT2 Letter in Support of Diversity and Inclusion – 1.30.17

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10 New Year’s Resolutions for Dutchtown Residents

Reach “Dutchtownie” Status With This 2017 Neighborhood Bucket List

It is amazing how communities create a sense of belonging. Warm smiles time after time turn into familiar faces that turn into introductions and then transform into frequent friendly conversations. Before you know it, you are neighbors. Not just the kind of neighbors that share a street name or an alley way, but the kind of neighbors that show up at community events to socialize and eventually dig in, as if sticking a flag in the ground, proudly proclaiming that this special patch of land is ours (in a collective sense) and its worth saving, restoring and rebuilding.

Chances are if you are reading this, the neighborly bond described above is something that resonates with you. You have either found it here in Dutchtown or you are seeking it. The glorious thing about neighborhoods that you can’t overlook is that they don’t stay the same. You continuously have to show up. Stay involved. Stay informed. Embrace change. Embrace new people. Embrace new businesses. With all of that being said, the occasion of the new year seems like just as good a time as any to create some New Year’s resolutions for being a more engaged neighbor. Consider it a “2017 Dutchtown Bucket List” of sorts.

1.   Shop Local


Invite friends from outside of the neighborhood to spend the day hunting for bargains in the shops up and down Meramec Street. The fine selection of resale clothing and furniture that can be found along Meramec is perhaps one of Dutchtown’s best kept secrets. It’s time we stop keeping it our little secret to ourselves and let the rest of St. Louis know.

While you are at it, don’t forget the […]